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Which is the Best Telegram Channel for Shopping?

There are many channels on telegram which can be joined.. But according to me, you need to first know the reason why you want to join the channel?? Which is the best telegram channel for shopping?

Don’t just go and join the channel, join the genuine channels which are posting correct information and help to you.

As per the current trend, The main boosting channels are online shopping channels. I am an avid online shopper and always check all the major online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm for the best discount and deals.

I used to do that manually bu going to these sites individually. But then I found one Telegram group called UrbanDeals which provides information on the best product price. The channel does all the work and provide me the accurate information about the lowest price for any product.

Join: UrbanDeals.in Telegram Channel

Now I don’t have to go to the individual website for price comparison, I can get the best price and product directly from this telegram channel.

You will be surprised to see that the price they are quoting is the lowest in the market. you will surprise to see how Flipkart and Amazon are looting us till now. The product is available at a very low price here as compare to the Amazon or Flipkart.

(Join this channel and start saving your hard-earned money by joining this channel.)

I have started following this channel on a regular basis and you won’t believe me that I have started saving big money on my online shopping.

Background of Online Shopping:

Online shopping always gives you some kind of discount or deals. Have you ever think about how the seller will be able to give you a discount up to 50% on the product??

It simply means that the product has a profit margin of more than 50% and so the seller is able to give you a discount of 50% on the purchase.

Secondly, If you check the actual price (before discount) the price is always on the higher side. I would say it is a glorified price. means the same product you can get at a cheaper price even without any discount.

Sellers are doing so to show you the gap between the actual price and discounted price. but in reality, the price of that product is never that much high.

One day I was searching for the Airpods on google. As usual, I found the first link from the Amazon. I clicked on it to check the price. The price quoted over there was ₹. 699/-

I thought to check the same on the UrbanDeals The price they are quoting is the AirPods. the price is 649/-

There is another benefit of purchasing the same through UrbanDeals (Shop Wow Products) is they are giving a free coupon worth ₹. 100 on the next purchase. So effectively I got the Airpod for ₹. 549/- and I have saved ₹, 150 as compared to Amazon.

Here is the proof:

So I have 100 of pics but I show you only 1 because I don’t wanna make this post too long

There are many Telegram Channels Online but Shopping Channels are one of the most popular and Must-Join Channel for Everyone.

What is so unique about UrbanDeals?

  1. They don’t post-normal discount deals. They always post genuine deals of 50% discount and more.
  2. They show real price and discount, unlike Amazon (which shows fake MRP price)
  3. They do product market research and give you the best price available in the market.
  4. They deliver genuine products only.
  5. Their delivery is fast and easy.
  6. They also provide 24X7 support on WhatsApp.
  7. They are giving various promo codes that are unique and valuable.